Teacher Training Courses

Mahi Yoga Teacher Training School strives to share authentic Yogic knowledge true to ancient Indian tradition. We aim to giude and support each student in their journej to be excellent Yoga Teacher by becoming physically, mentally and spiritually stronger.

Our main objective is to instill a sense of yogic harmony that will help our students to absorb and understand the deep science of Yoga through a combination of ancient tradition and practical modern approaches in order to make Yoga their way of life.

The teaching environment is completely interactive. Students are encouraged to ask any and every question they may have about the asana technique and even the implication of a particular asana in the overall practice. In practical sessions, teachers pay attention to every student and ensure that the asanas are being done in the right posture, style, and spirit.

There are theoretical sessions too, in which the teachers explain the fundamentals of the human body and how each asana makes a difference to your body. Special sessions are helped by Guru Mahi, in which he talks about the origin of various asanas – interested students are welcome to be part of these sessions.

Attention is also paid to how the students learn and teach yoga. Mahi Yoga teachers teach their students the right way to teach yoga, who apart from imbibing the virtues of patience, endurance go on to become confident yoga practitioners.

Certification on completion of your RYT 100/200/300 hrs Course.

You will be awarded a certificate of completion of the course. You can apply for Yoga Alliance certification and significantly improve your chances of getting a better paying job. Many yoga and fitness centers today demand and pay more to teachers with Yoga Alliance certification.

Mahi is a multistyle Yoga Master form Dharamshala, India, renowned for the high teaching standards. He is teaching for over 20 years and he taught to more than 2000 people of all around the World to became a Yoga Teacher or to Improve their knowledge if they are already teachers.

Mahi help you to absorb and understand the deep science of Yoga through a combination of ancient tradition and practical modern approaches. 

Mahi Yoga Teacher Training school was founded by Guru Mahinder Prasad, a true Indian Yogi who has grown up in the yogic way of life. When Mahi was eleven, his family members, being all Yogis, started to taught him yoga. The whole family belonged to the Yoga Meditation & Pranayama, therefore focusing on the spiritual development.

However, not only family members influenced Mahi on his way! Mahi has travelled extensively through India absorbing the knowledge of great Yogi Masters like Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, Iyengar and Vedic Gurus. Mahi founded the school in order to pass on his vast knowledge to as many as possible believing that Yoga is for all and that sharing this pure science will better the world we live in.