Art of teaching Yoga

At Mahi Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training we consider most important that our trainee teachers practice because only by experience can a yoga teacher be authentic. Sri K. Pattabhi Jois said : “95% practice, 5% theory”. Don’t think too much, just discipline ourselves and practice”. Second most important aspect of a good teacher is that they can convey their message coherently, for that reason we offers student vital advice on class room management techniques, structure, sequencing and organization of classes, as well as confidence building activities. What sets our course apart is that students start to teach from the outset is that We guide students through ways of instruction, demonstration and adjustment including hands on and the use of props. Each day students will practice the skills taught to them and will receive feedback from both teachers and peers. Finally students will learn both the ethics and business of yoga.

Alignment for injury

At Mahi Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training we aim for all our students to experience subtle awareness and cultivate a mindful yoga practice. In Therapeutic Hatha Yoga we assess each student individually in order to give appropriate asana or modification that will correct physical, mental or other levels of imbalance over time. Using an alignment approach to address injury and imbalance we teach students how to modify poses with the correct use of props and physical hands on adjustment to work with students of all kinds.

Yoga Anatomy

Anatomy is instructed from a yogic and very practical perspective.
As students explore body alignment through their own yoga practice they will begin to learn the bio mechanics of the body in anatomy.
We structure our course so that the basics anatomy of joints, muscles and skeleton become clear allowing plenty of time for students to explore and understand. We aim for our students to be able to understand which major joints and muscles are being used within a yoga pose and in which way this can impact a yoga practice so that they can apply that knowledge to modify or adjust any students practice regardless of injury or disorders.

Yoga Philosophy

At Mahi Yoga Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training, philosophy classes are taught by Indian teachers who have lived the yogic life and who have a deep intrinsic understanding of yogic philosophy. All our teachers have studied extensively and had firsthand experience of transformation through their own Yoga practice. Our Multistyle Yoga Teacher Training focuses on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the meaning of eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga. Classes are interactively and discussion is encouraged between students and teacher. Every class is taught from a scientific perspective whilst applying spiritual and philosophical values of Yoga to modern day life and the daily challenges we face.