Thai Message Retreat

Double Bed Sharing Room €  950 (3 months early bird booking € 850)

Single Room € 1,690 (3 months early bird booking € 1,590)

21 to 27 October 2019

The course of Traditional Thai massage is an introduction to an over 2500 years hold art form. Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing system of tissue, muscle and joint mobilizations using pressing, stretching, turning and moving, which is performed while fully clothed. Thai massage includes much more than the traditional massage because it involves rhythmic acupressure, reflexology, energy work and stretching and a form of passive Yoga.

Suitable for beginners or massage therapist; Yoga teachers; physiotherapists, dancers and sport people that wish to improve their knowledge and deepen their own practise.

The teacher, Fabrizio Sarracino will introduce the Thai Massage from basic techniques to an intermidiate level and after this workshop, you are ready to provide a full body Thai massage.

Fabrizio Sarracino is a renowned teacher of Ayurvedic and Thai massage. He trained at the ” School of Healing Arts ” San Diego, California (USA), about different western and eastern massages. Later he studied Massage in Thailand at the institute, ” What Pho Medical school”, at the hospital “Foundation of Shivaga Kormapaj” and at ITM International Training Massage School and from many others Masters in Thailand. Fabrizio Sarracino is even a Sivananda Yoga Teacher and teaches in different schools in Italy since many years.

Passionate about eastern philosophy, Fabrizio travels different months of the year in far East to improve his knowledge of Asian massage, Yoga and Meditation.

Daily Schedule

07:30 – 08:30 Morning Yoga practice
08:30 – 09:30 Breakfast
10:00 – 12:30 Thai massage training
13:00 – 16:30 Free Lunch Buffet / Free time
16:30 – 19:00 Thai massage training
20:00 Social Dinner

Time-table and activities are flexible and can change by partecipants needs


  • Desciribe your yoga experience so far
  • Please mention any injuries or conditions that are relevant for your training
  • Let us know if you have any special dietary or accomodation requirements
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